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Our Rock the Run 5K started in 2015 as a way to not only celebrate the 60th Diamond Anniversary of The Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission but also as a way to bring the community together to help raise support and awareness for the homeless and hungry in our community.

We didn't hope to just celebrate a major milestone in our community, but also, give our community a fun way to be a part of the next 60 years of The Hope Center in Hagerstown. Each year we've succeeded in accomplishing our goal by bringing businesses, runners, walkers, competitors, and volunteers together to have fun, share some laughs, run a few miles, and raise money for those in need. And we know this year won't be any different!


Since 2015, Rock the Run 5K has been focused on establishing a quality race experience for everyone from the most avid runner in the four state region to the our areas best Sunday strollers. We provide a safe, fun environment and have Hagerstown's finest on the route to ensure everyone has a great time participating.


And this year we are proud to continue our partnership with Racine MultiSports to give each participant a quality race experience complete with a time chip to monitor race times accurately. Racine MultiSports is a trusted name in races across the region and they've done a fantastic job of making each previous Rock the Run 5K a great success!


If this isn't your first Rock the Run 5K then you know that each step run on the course is one step closer to helping end hunger and homelessness in Hagerstown. The money raised through sponsors and participants goes back to The Hope Center to continue to provide shelter and food for those in need. The Hope Center does not receive any government financial support - and it's been that way since the very beginning. For over 60 years the community has helped in every way possible to keep us open and operating so that there was never a day our doors were closed for the hungry and homeless. Rock the Run 5K is an important part of spreading the message of what The Hope Center does and helping to raise much needed financial support. Thank you for your interest in Rock the Run: Pirates vs Princess and your partnership in creating a better tomorrow for those in need!

Click Here for 2022 5K Race Pics

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